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‘I feel like the stabiliser and the driver at the same time’

Does this resonate with you – torn between the accelerator and the brake? One minute you feel ready to forge ahead, and then you realise that you – or your people – aren’t quite ready yet?

Hold on, you think, it may be too soon. Asking too much from people when we’ve hardly been able to assess how they’re really doing might just tip the boat over.

Within every team there will be people who’ve coped well during the last year, and others who’ve found it tough – for all sorts of reasons. Feeling ready to push forward, decisively and confidently, depends on so many factors.

One vital factor is clarity. How clear can we really be right now about our market and customers and how their expectations and needs have changed? This must vary hugely between sectors.

Another factor is resilience, feeling able to bounce back and generate energy and optimism. Self-esteem is such a key part of this, and many have found it difficult to get feedback and recognition while working remotely.

Effective leaders will be able to make this judgement, and take care of their people as they explore the future. HR will support them in this, but leaders must lead. What a crucial time for HR and business leaders to share, explore, learn and nurture – together.

‘Stabilising’ is a great word to describe what some organisations need right now – to build core strength. How do you feel about the readiness of your people to push full steam ahead?

This is a great time to bring your HR team together to realign and strengthen them.

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