HR’s relationship with the business is critical

Our story started a few years ago. We kept hearing HR people say ‘we want to change but we don’t know how.’ We looked into it, researched what organisations want and need from HR, and Enable-HR was born.

Our research showed that the critical factor is HR’s relationship with the business. If that works, everything works.

I’d been in leadership and management development for over 20 years, and prior to that had led European HR teams in IT and pharma. I decided to bring those threads together and focus on HR. My fellow founder George Naylor has been in organisational research for 30 years.

Our research led to our seven Enablers, which clients love. We were thrilled when Dave Ulrich endorsed them and also my book, ‘Empowering HR’.

We built our HR Profiling System for self, 360 and team evaluation and caters for broader Business Partnering too. This now offers an interactive development experience that kicks off many of our blended learning programs and workshops, and coaching.

Sometimes, the need is more strategic – the HR function needs to be aligned with business priorities. So we built our Strategic Roadmap, to consult leaders about what they want from HR.

This means that we can work top to bottom with organisations and combine:

  • Research to build understanding and alignment of business and HR priorities;
  • Facilitation of learning and decision-making about what needs to change;
  • Development solutions for every level of leadership, business partnering and teams;
  • Continuous listening, pulse and 360 on our uniquely flexible survey platform.

We’ve built an international team of consultants and coaches with deep experience in both HR and leadership development.

Please check out more information throughout the website and message me for a chat. No obligation. Talking with HR leaders is how we learned about what they need.

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