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HR people still have to make a business case for common sense

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This caught my eye. Not just the statistic, but the common sense that follows. ‘What’s their secret to retaining talent?’ asks Neel Gandhi of the companies not suffering ‘at a time when attrition is increasing on a global scale.’

The answer, he says, ‘may lie in their ability to balance “hygiene” factors, which are basic employment features such as compensation and working conditions, with “motivators”: elements that influence employees to stay, such as concern for their well-being and development, rewards and recognition, and strong relationships with co-workers and managers.’

We could drop the word ‘may’. There isn’t any doubt.

This takes me right back to my CIPD studies and Maslow and Herzberg. The science has been around for decades, to prove what we’ve actually known for millennia.

HR people still have to make a business case for common sense, however, e.g. to train managers to respond to human nature and lead with warmth as well as clarity. Strangely, knowing that we ourselves have a personal need for positive relationships doesn’t automatically equip us to create them. And it’s taken decades for business leaders to understand that they need to build this into reward too.

How do we get more traction on this with leaders? How does this play out in your organisation?

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