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HR leaders are least likely to take advantage of executive coaching

Many find it hard to ask for budget for their own development, and even decide to pay for their own. But investing in a successful CHRO is vital.

Thank you Mercer for your report ‘Voice of the CHRO: Evolving the CHRO role in a rapidly changing world of work’

“While CHROs are strong advocates for mentoring and coaching for others,
they themselves are often overlooked and fail to receive this critical support.”
Mercer CHRO Report

‘What do you wish you’d known when you started as CHRO?’ is a great question in their survey. As you’d expect, many non-HR topics come high on the list, like understanding the business and working with the board.

To establish credibility quickly, the CHRO needs to speak the language of business – and that’s numbers. Learning what drives business success, and relating the people agenda to that is critical. Cause and effect, in business speak and with evidence.

Then there’s the team dynamics on the board – learning about the politics and then working out how to manage key relationships while staying true to your own values.

HR has such a wide remit, and a complex web of interests and stakeholders to satisfy.

Then there’s the leadership of the HR team – at a time when HR is under pressure to be more flexible, agile, and create a boundaryless ‘one HR team’ while delivering excellence in both operations and expertise.

That’s a lot, isn’t it? Mercer say ‘What we heard loud and clear from CHROs: It’s lonely at the top. Access to support networks is something CHROs say they desperately need. When asked what would help them acclimate more quickly to their role, nearly three-quarters (73%) of respondents identified mentoring by a seasoned HR/people leader as vital.’

My coaching clients value the human support as well as the senior HR experience.  Contact me for help with your own challenges.

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