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HR cannot succeed alone

This is the central challenge for HR. It’s so frustrating. You run yourself ragged solving problems and coaching people, but get no credit.

HR people implicitly know how much value they add – e.g. rescuing a situation where a critical employee was about to leave, or easing conflict and tension within a team or recruiting an absolute star from a tiny talent pool.

Much of HR’s work happens below the waterline, and there are often good reasons not to shout about it.

BUT then you need:

  • Budget for a L&D program to build stronger leadership, or
  • The CEO’s active support for DEI, or
  • Senior leaders to play a full part in Onboarding
  • ___________ fill in the gap with your own current frustration …

and they just don’t get the point.

The question we in HR have to ask ourselves is – ‘why should they?’

The key to HR Business Partnering (at any level) is to put yourself in their shoes.

Whose perspective do you need to view matters from?

This is just one of the challenging questions I’ll be asking in our upcoming workshop ‘How can you increase your impact in HR Business Partnering?

We’re including a complimentary Profile with online self-evaluation and interactive Development Plan around our 7 HR Enablers that you’ll bring to the workshop to target your learning.

How to increase your impact in HR Business Partnering: Tuesday 4th June 2024 at 12.30 – 14.30 UK. All for just £79.

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How to increase your impact in HR Business Partnering

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