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How to create alignment between HR and the business

‘Our HR team play a key role in delivering our business goals.’ Is that something you’d like to hear from your business leaders?

It’s actually hard to achieve, as anyone in HR knows. There’s a lot that tends to push in the wrong direction – legacy perceptions of HR, too much admin, getting worn down by being side-lined and ending up in a reactive cycle.

If you’re up for a project that can change all that, we have a great free resource for you. It’s based on our Business+HR Strategic Roadmap which is a survey that asks:

a) How leaders regard the relative importance of HR’s different activities to business success, and

b) How effective HR are regarded to be in those areas.

We ask business leaders as well as HR leaders, so that we can generate robust and collaborative discussions about how HR can become business-led.

Our free ‘self-drive’ guide shares all the key principles and steps with you, so that you can gather leaders’ perceptions in an informal way – even sneak the questions into routine meetings so that you don’t raise expectations in a way that feels risky.

On the other hand, you can make your alignment project more visible and make a point of saying ‘we want HR to be driven by business priorities, and therefore I want to arrange a meeting with you to talk about how you see that’.

If you’d like to discuss the scaled-up version, contact me.

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