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How to create a culture of continuous feedback

Engaged employees are more committed and motivated to perform at their best. By seeking and acting on feedback, you demonstrate that you value their opinions and are willing to make improvements based on their input.

Organisations need to make sure that these critical activities are happening. Our surveying platform enables organisations not only to find out how employees are feeling (e.g. engagement surveys, pulse surveys) but also to establish whether leaders and managers are doing what you’ve asked them to do (e.g. best practice monitoring).

Start at the beginning of an employee’s employment with you and listen continuously, and remind and reinforce actions you have taken as a result of their feedback, ie show them it works.

Here are some steps that can nurture such a culture:

1. Lead by example

2. Provide training

3. Make it a regular practice

4. Create a safe environment

5. Use technology

6. Recognise and reward

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