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How often do you shake the dust off your HR strategy?

Is it just an interesting tick box exercise?

Okay, let me come clean. When I was in my corporate role, getting the annual HR strategy done was an interesting tickbox exercise. And I know I’m not alone. But – what a missed opportunity!

The best part, and the most rewarding part of the process is working with leaders to reveal how best to respond to business needs.

HR is not about HR‘, to quote Dave Ulrich.

That’s what your HR strategy needs to embody.

The true benefit is the quality of the conversations that help everyone to understand how to get the organisation and its people lined up behind the business strategy.

That’s the absolute key to a HR strategy that you – and your stakeholders – will want to keep as a live file.

HR strategy is completely contextual. That’s why there isn’t one answer, .ppt, .xls or .doc.

If you’d like to create an HR strategy that excites your stakeholders as well as your team get in touch.

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