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How do you think HR has changed over these last few months?

We’re passionate about building the influence, credibility and confidence of HR. For our own work with HR people we’ve always followed RBL’s HR Competency Study and learned from it. Dave Ulrich invites everyone engaged in, and with, HR to join the 2020 Study.

This is the most important research of its kind, and so I want to make sure that everyone in my HR network knows about it.

There are researching 3 key questions:

– What are emerging personal competencies for effective HR professionals?
– How do HR professionals design, deliver, and sustain organizational capabilities?
– How does HR have impact at the enterprise, business, plant, and the team level?

The timing is so interesting – how will people’s perceptions about the effectiveness of HR have changed as a result of the pandemic? I’m eager to find out.

The world of work has shifted dramatically. How do you think HR has changed over these last few months? Contact us to share your thoughts.

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