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Bridging the gap between business leader worries and HR priorites

It’s easy to become siloed in HR. Distance creeps in between the issues that worry business leaders and how HR see the priorities. Conversations do take place about this, but they can often be shallow, tactical.
How does this happen? HR can find themselves on the back foot, in catch-up mode, left out of key decisions. Businesses have to move fast, and the focus tends to be on customers, sales, profit.
HR can impact on all of those, of course, but the exact connections – of what leads to what – can take some clarifying. For example, culture leads to behaviour which leads to engagement (or not), retention (or not) which lead to increasing or reducing people costs and the quality of customer interactions and product.
People matters tend to be big, opaque topics that don’t grasp the attention of business leaders.
How about turning the conversation around – getting it onto the front foot?
Our Business+HR Strategic Roadmap uses an online survey to find out:
a) How leaders regard the relative importance of HR’s activities to business success, and
b) How effective HR are regarded to be in those areas.

We ask leaders in HR as well as in the business, and facilitate conversations that are robust and collaborative.
If this is something you’d like to tackle, let’s have a chat. If you’re unsure or don’t have the budget, we’d still like to support you. In our free ‘self-drive’ resource for HR leaders we share the key steps, questions, and how to collate what you learn into clear priorities for HR.

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