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How can I escape from being a cost centre?

Great HR creates value for all its stakeholders. It’s difficult to attribute, because it’s done THROUGH its stakeholders. Let’s get better at proving it – make explicit links between investment and business outcomes.

Sometimes HR has to say things that people don’t want to hear. That has real value too – building a strong culture, as well as reputation and risk management.

But there’s much more exciting work to do too – and the doors to that open up when HR is at the strategic heart of their organisation.

A fluid future of work means that the right time is now.

I’m talking to more HRDs about pushing for a real transformation of their function. They know they have to make a business case for that.

First, we build a vision. Before sharing and building on this vision with business leaders, we have to work out the numbers. That’s the language of business and HR need to speak it fluently.

HR may need tech or other investment, to free up more time to shift how they operate, and also to build their skills and confidence to build trusting business partnerships and raise their level of impact.

The most vital case they need to make, though, isn’t for budget.

It’s for the change in behaviour they need from business leaders and managers. It’s a two-way street, of respect, listening and learning so that you can move towards collaborating.

Creating more value is done together.

What could HR transformation look like for you? What could it deliver for your business?

What could it help you to escape from?

Contact me for a chat about that. No obligation. I love exploring with HR leaders what they’d like to achieve.

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