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How can HR people raise the level at which they operate and add more value?

When someone brings you a problem to solve, it’s easier to just fix it. But how do you turn the conversation into one that delivers more? That’s what business partnering is about. By truly getting under the skin of the business and how it operates you can work out how best HR can add value to all stakeholders.

Then, you end up building the future together. An HRD said to me, ‘I knew we were getting there with our HRBPs when a business leader said, ‘I look forward to my meetings with my HRBP because we talk about the future.”

That has never been more important than right now. As organisations develop new ways of working, it’s likely that local, adaptive and even personalised solutions will win the day.

As Sylvain N., expert in this area, says, ‘this is likely to be an iterative process and it could get worse before it gets better.’ Collaborating and co-creating the best solutions is going to take courageous and empathetic experimentation.


Business Partnering Matrix


This model provides two directions:

  1. Talking about the business (and not HR)
  2. Talking about the future (and not the present)

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