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How can HR help sales to bring in the revenue?

Sales + HR = sales growth. How can HR help sales to bring in the revenue? It can be a prickly partnership when the two functions seem to be on different pages as well as speak different languages.

Treve Wearne, CEO of Nazca, is passionate about enabling sales teams to focus on what really delivers quality sales. He was a bit sceptical about the value of HR’s processes, to say the least. I bristled. My own recollections were about how difficult it was to get sales managers to use them with the right spirit.

We decided to tackle this. To begin with our conversations felt difficult. Then Treve got my attention by talking about the 70% inconsistent performers. Imagine the results if HR could help these to perform consistently – what a great story to prove HR’s ROI.

On Treve’s side, a penny dropped when I explained HR’s responsibility to maintain values as well as performance right across the organisation. I stressed that it’s the manager who must be accountable for performance, and HR who must provide equitable processes to support that.

We thought we’d track our discussions in a video. Here’s a short clip where we go between the ‘hard’ sales talk and the ‘soft’ HR stuff.


We’re going to build this bridge.

How does this resonate with your own experiences?

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