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How can HR help a new CEO?

‘Don’t make it about you’ is some of the guidance to a new CEO in a recent article from McKinsey & Company. The careful rephrasing of questions below seeks to rebalance the strong ego that any CEO is likely to have.

Imagine how helpful you could be to a new CEO as they seek to answer these questions.

If you’re a CHRO or at any level of HR leadership, the arrival of a new CEO gives you a new lens. Imagine how they’re looking at your organisation – and at you and what HR delivers.

If you can succeed in doing that – letting old scales fall from your eyes – then it can provide an amazing opportunity for you to grasp with both hands the opportunity provided by a new leader.

You can:

  • reimagine what your organisation needs from its people
  • reimagine how to deliver that
  • make a fresh mark as a leader
  • achieve the success you’ve always wanted to, but thought ‘old’ leadership was getting in the way.

In fact, why wait for a new CEO? If you could switch your mindset so positively with a new leader at the top of the organisation, what’s stopping you doing it now?

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Our Business+HR Strategic Roadmap can help you with this.

It surveys key stakeholders on priorities and then we help you to build shared understanding, collaboration and visibly aligned leadership – whether you’ve got a new CEO or not. And it’s perfect if you’re a new CHRO.

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