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How can HR get the credit they deserve?

Some posts in my HR network reminded me today how frustrating it is when their hard work goes unrecognised – eg. coaching line managers or supporting people when they return from a long absence. Then, this lack of respect doesn’t help you get the business to support a key intervention – it’s all part of that vicious cycle HR can find themselves in.

We looked into this as part of our research. To us in the HR world the benefit is obvious – when you help individual people to perform and support their managers, it’s good for business. However, if we’re going to help others to appreciate the links, we have to work at it.

Getting the credit means working on HR’s reputation – building it consciously. To win recognition HR need to have influence and credibility as business people. 80% of the audience for our own recent CIPD event lacked confidence in this area.

HR build their reputation conversation by conversation, day in and day out. When this is part of a strategy that the whole team are lined up behind, the organisation pays attention. Reputation is one of our 7 Enablers – see below. If you’re in HR and would like to do our self-evaluation, we’ll send you a free link -just contact us.

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