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How able do you feel to get on with planning the future?

Do you feel like you’re in the fast lane and the slow lane at the same time? One minute feeling confident about the future, and the next being pulled back to deal with more constraints?

Our recent research on HR’s reputation (more about that soon) revealed a real mix of experiences, understandably. How is it for your organisation?

For some there is real optimism, and enthusiasm for turning the corner – the knowledge that if you don’t move fast, the competition will.

Others are managing the fallout of business trauma and even collapse.

Alongside both there’s the need for caution, to keep your eye on the road to safety and health, for business and people.

And we’re still not sure quite how this will pan out. We’ve been managing incredible levels of uncertainty for almost a year.

How are HR managing this with line managers? There’s still so much to handle in order to maintain HR’s ultimate responsibility for employee wellbeing.

Are you having to say ‘hold on, we can’t move forward with that yet’, or are you able to use this opportunity to make faster progress?

HR have moved faster than ever before and achieved incredible feats of organisation, communication and consultation.

Is your foot on the accelerator, the brake, or both?

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