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Roundtable discussion: What is strategic business partnering – and how do we ensure it delivers value?

Date: Thursday 7th December 2023

Build your strength and impact as a HR Business Partner

Date: Tuesday 12th December 2023

How to build a business-led HR strategy

Date: Thursday 18th January 2024
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Seeking the best solution for all

I look for and develop the best solution to balance needs and interests of different groups, (e.g. employee v employer)

This is difficult; we tend to focus on those stakeholders where the relationship feels more comfortable and where we get best results. Refer back to your stakeholder map and consider where you spend your time. It is likely that you are neglecting some stakeholders who could do more to help you to deliver the results you want. Investing in relationships takes time, so it’s important to assess where best to focus. Who causes you the most hassle? This could be a productive place to invest. Ensure that you bear in mind all stakeholder groups in the bigger picture: customers, investors and the wider community as well as internal stakeholders.

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