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HR business partnering for a new era

Date: 20th June 2023

Strategic influencing skills for HR leaders

Date: Wednesday 28th June 2023

How to build a business-led HR strategy

Date: 6th July 2023
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Winning respect as a valued contributor to business success is built on the quality of HR's relationships; raising their profile as a function as well as having positive impact with authentic personal leadership

Building the reputation of HR is both strategic and situational; there are formal opportunities to present the value you add, and these need to be backed up consistently by everyday informal interactions. Reputation is built conversation by conversation, by the whole team. Strategies here, therefore, require careful planning of the key messages you want to send out and repeat, together with actions and behaviours that back them up. Defining and living your HR values enables you to develop trusting relationships, and therefore influence at a higher level. Learning to understand and manage organisational politics helps HR to explain and ‘sell’ the value you add. Explore Reputation further.

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