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Positively challenging

When appropriate, I take opportunities to 'positively' challenge, e.g. challenge someone's evaluation of a situation or person, to add the people perspective, or to challenge behaviour

Our research showed that this is valued in HR people. You are expected to call out something that’s wrong, unfair or unethical. People look to HR to uphold values and standards of behaviour. HR are also often involved in situations where people’s performance is being evaluated, or judged, and to challenge views that have no real substance and may be biased or prejudiced. All this has to be done with skill and confidence, so that it has a positive impact and maintains the relationship. It often falls upon HR people to give constructive feedback, either from your own experience or on behalf of others. Using facts and evidence has to be combined with behavioural skill: listening and exploring reasons and ways forward. Consider the occasions when you do do this, and when you choose not to, and challenge yourself to honestly evaluate when you would like to do it but avoid it. Read more about giving feedback.

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