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Roundtable discussion: What is strategic business partnering – and how do we ensure it delivers value?

Date: Thursday 7th December 2023

Build your strength and impact as a HR Business Partner

Date: Tuesday 12th December 2023

How to build a business-led HR strategy

Date: Thursday 18th January 2024
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Confidence in upholding values

I feel confident helping others live our values

HR tend to be given the role of ensuring that values and culture are lived across the organisation. This is often fixed within HR’s governance role. However, it is the responsibility of leaders and managers to live them and role model them. Helping others to ‘live’ values is challenging, because it is most often behavioural. How confident do you feel, when needing to challenge another person’s behaviour? How do you handle it when you are asked by someone else to challenge, say, their manager’s behaviour? It may be that your role involves building the right values into procedures, communications, or training programmes. Most of all, HR people have to lead by example.

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