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Roundtable discussion: What is strategic business partnering – and how do we ensure it delivers value?

Date: Thursday 7th December 2023

Build your strength and impact as a HR Business Partner

Date: Tuesday 12th December 2023

How to build a business-led HR strategy

Date: Thursday 18th January 2024
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Advocating and promoting HR

HR as a function are seen across the business as a major contributor to success

The reputation of the function as a whole is built by everyone within HR, with every initiative and every interaction. Stakeholders judge and evaluate HR every day, either consciously or subconsciously. Our Enabler Focus helps to clarify how HR can add more value and prove it. Self-promotion doesn’t sit comfortably with HR people, but HR’s reputation is a key enabler of the results it can deliver. In our 2021 survey on HR’s reputation, we explored how HR people at all levels see this. We revealed many insights into what helps; e.g. strong communication; trusting relationships; proving business value; having a seat at the top table; delivering operational efficiency. There was little evidence of a planned approach to consciously managing HR’s reputation. We recommend that you add this to HR’s strategic plan and your own regular activities. It’s a vital enabler.

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