Focus – 1 of 7 Enablers in our Human Resources Development Framework


 HR Focus on what adds value to the businessFocus – what it is

Taking the insight that you’ve gathered, and using that to make sure you’re putting the effort and resources in the right place – in order to get the best return on investment for the business

The successful outcomes of Focus

  • You demonstrate the value of Human Resources using evidence that links your activities to business results
  • HR activities are driven by the strategic needs of the business because you are savvy about commercial realities, the customer, and what drives profit or value long-term – and you can prove it
  • You get maximum ROI on your HR budget because you target HR activities where they will leverage business performance
  • Your HR interventions are welcomed and fully implemented because they are practical and fit for purpose
  • Your organisation benefits from best practice in HR which is tailored to your specific context, eg. sector, commercial or demographic
  • Your organisation makes the most of business opportunities because you respond with speed and agility

Focus is about making sure you target your energies and resources on the activities that deliver business success.  It means constantly taking a helicopter view rather than getting stuck in routines that become less than optimal.  It’s about keeping an eye on the long-term and ensuring that HR is fully involved in discussions about business strategy.

In order to get a seat at that strategic table, HR have to prove that they understand commercial priorities and financial levers.   From day to day, HR need to speak the same language as stakeholders and demonstrate their understanding of what drives high performance.  They know they also have to help others understand key drivers of performance, eg. engagement and retention, in order to collaborate and develop a sound, relevant and meaningful HR strategy that will add maximum value.

Making Focus work for you in your Human Resources role

Click here for a longer read about Focus, including:

  • To build more Focus, some questions for you to ask yourself
  • Building Focus strategically – creating clarity and leadership to ensure that your resources are deployed in line with business priorities
  • Building Focus tactically – making realistic and pragmatic decisions about how you spend your time and energy, and justifying them
  • Creating an appetite for your solutions and making them digestible so that the organization gets the full benefit from them
  • Identifying best practice and then fostering collaboration on how to adapt it
  • How the 7 enable-HR Facets provide a holistic framework for success in Human Resources

We work at every level to enable Human Resources to add more value.

We work with CEO’s and HRDs to transform the HR function

We develop HR leaders and managers

We run HR Team Workshops

We coach at every level.  We have executive coaches who are experienced at
working with HR leaders, and we also value working with HR professionals
who are developing their careers.  Our approach is designed to fit into your
day and target your unique development requirements.  Because we understand
the challenges faced by HR people, it’s totally relevant, and time-effective.

Our  HR Self-evaluation Tool and 360-degree review provide a structure for
all these activities.   The 7 HR Enablers were identified in our research into
what drives excellence in HR.

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