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‘Don’t let a good crisis go to waste’ Winston Churchill

#CIPDFestivalofwork launched today with ‘big picture’ keynote speakers from the worlds of economics, public health and global politics.

My brain hurt afterwards, frankly, because there’s still so little to grab hold of to help us plan – but, some real wisdom.

Thank you Peter Cheese, CIPD CEO, for reminding us of Churchill’s words ‘Don’t let a good crisis go to waste.’ There is so much good that can come from these tragic circumstances, if we’re courageous and positive about the future, and about human nature.

Andrew J Scott, Professor of Economics, urged us to take the long term view; ‘put down your bets for the long run’, and talked about ‘fundamental re-wiring of work.’ How do we find a sense of direction in all this, therefore? His advice is to ‘stick to the mission not the plan’. This makes sense, given the importance of a sense of purpose to us as humans.

There is optimism here, and I’m glad of that. Our mission at enable-hr is to help HR people fulfil their potential – as humans, and as professionals who have incredible impact on people at work. This is more important now than ever before.

We’re changing how we work with clients, but our mission hasn’t changed.

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