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Do your business leaders know what HR can offer?

Are you brave enough to ask your stakeholders what they think of HR’s activities?

When we’re working with our HR clients, we often find that they don’t get the support they need from business leaders. It can be patchy, at best.

It’s like the conversation gets stunted. Everyone’s so busy.

Like having a talented chef in the kitchen, but all the customers see is the daily specials. And maybe that’s not what they’ve got the appetite for.

Most of the time, business leaders don’t appreciate everything HR has to offer. Often that’s because they just don’t know.

Many years ago in my corporate role I did a kind of roadshow to my client groups and set out our HR stall. ‘We never realised you did all that’, they said.

‘Now we do understand, could we have some of that solution, please?’

So, we’ve developed a tool that enables HR to:

  • Set out your stall and lay out all that you offer
  • Consult stakeholders about what they see as the HR priorities, within the current context
  • Find out how effectively they feel HR deliver those currently.


The outcome of this is a clear picture of what HR needs to focus on, while facilitating productive conversations with business leaders about what’s important – both ways.

So, if the answer’s yes then contact us to find out more about our Strategic Roadmap, which provides a comprehensive approach to ensuring that HR’s work is fully aligned with business needs.

If you’re not sure, then register for our free resource that’s coming out soon. This will show you how to run a ‘lite’ version yourself and have revealing conversations with stakeholders about what matters most to them.

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