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Do you want to add more value, feel recognised, respected – and included?

A lot of people have opinions about HR. ‘HR should …’ ‘HR must …’. Many are highly qualified to comment, as they represent business leaders. Some opinions reveal a lack of understanding of how HR works in practice and behind the scenes.

We also kept hearing HR people themselves say ‘we know we need to change but we don’t know how’.

They were fed up with being tied up with transactional work when they want to add far more value. Wanting to be respected and have that seat at the table. Instead they found themselves left out of key decisions and constantly in catch-up mode. Sorting out issues, firefighting.

But it’s hard. It’s a busy job. We can’t magic up more time. How can HR people tackle this? That’s what we researched.

What does great HR look like? Not in sweeping statements, generalisations, corporate speak or jargon – but in real life.

We revealed the behaviours and activities – the practical things – that HR people can work on, personally and as a team, at any level.

They build into value-adding and valued HR.

Central to everything is the quality of the relationship between HR and the business. It’s like a channel through which HR deliver. Without that HR’s work can never be embedded, embraced and lived by leaders and managers. Our 7 HR Enablers provide clarity, structure and inspiration. They underpin our HR Profiling System, our workshops, coaching and HR transformation work.

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