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Do you… ever feel torn?

I’m hearing it’s tough going for some HR leaders. Do business leaders want to press ahead at full steam when, actually, people aren’t yet ready, realigned and feeling supported?

Are there discussions around the table that make you feel uncomfortable?

You know what HR stands for, and so does everyone else.

The problem is, they’re not listening. They want the familiarity and buzz of old habits, quick results and pace.

What you’re saying – about rebuilding values and culture, about engagement, retention and wellbeing – it’s inconvenient.

Especially if you’re suggesting a change in priorities – and in leadership behaviour.

Some HR leaders are experiencing a gravitational pull back towards how things worked pre-pandemic – while their own insight is shouting that things need to change, fundamentally.

How is it for you? Let’s share success stories as well as frustrations.

We can turn this into a great turning point for HR.

Our mission is to build the influence, credibility and confidence of HR – and if you need help with that right now, contact me for a confidential chat, no obligation.

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