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Diversity, equity and inclusion - where are we on the journey?

We may have turned the first corner successfully – and for HR that’s probably having the policies and practices in place. That is, the practices that are under the control of HR, like the questions to be asked at interview. Even then, there has to be trust in what happens when HR aren’t in the room.

‘Practices’ is a good word here, because it describes what people actually do, what they actually say, and the subtleties of their actual behaviour that can be picked up so sensitively. It’s beliefs that drive behaviour, deeply-held and unconscious attitudes, and that’s what makes diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) so tough and complex. How on earth do you change those?

Experts know that we’re not there yet.

We can get a handle on diversity, to some extent, by tracking numbers. But real success is far more complex. Inclusivity takes the challenge to another level.

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