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Dave Ulrich: ‘Sometimes, complex lists have less sustainable impact than simple priorities’

As Dave Ulrich has posted this week, there are many lists going around – learning from 2020, and priorities for 2021. However, the ground is still settling after our shared global earthquake.

For change to be sustainable, he says, we need to focus on fewer priorities – less is more.

In a recent article (link below) Dave also talks about ‘personalization’: the pandemic has had impact that is personal to each of us. We’ve also learned that what works for one doesn’t work for all. We can only navigate that when we truly hear each other.

There has been a spotlight on our values – and values are personal. Has this pandemic shone a brighter light on your own values?

For example, kindness and caring have been essential in order to keep the show on the road – and when the road is less bumpy we need to hang on to that.

What would you like to keep hold of from this strange time? For my part, I value the new openness, less formality and more humanity in my interactions.

Also, I’m even more proud of my HR profession.

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