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Dave Ulrich: HR’s Reinvention: Moving from Benchmarking and Best Practices to Guidance

Here’s some typical good sense from Dave Ulrich. In his latest article he’s encouraging us to focus on the outcomes we want for our own unique organisation, rather than rely on comparisons with others.

He’s heard business leaders recently seeking out best practice – measures to lean on. That might seem comforting, but isn’t now the right time for organisations to forge their own way?

Benchmarking, as Dave points out, is retrospective and often based on one discrete part of an organisation – ie. comparing one particular cog in machines that actually operate quite differently.

What possible benchmark could we pick today that could help us navigate a path in this uncertain but new future?

Dave’s Step 1 is to define desired results: that’s a really practical way of putting it right now. Crafting the kind of vision that we’ve enjoyed in the past is likely to be difficult; there’s still so much that needs to settle.

The world of work is fundamentally changing.

We need courage, and shared purpose, not detail.

I hear my HR network exploring reshaping and restructuring: whether part of downsizing or growth, they’re looking at how their organisations will evolve as an entity.

How are you reshaping what you do, to respond to new opportunities?

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