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Dave Ulrich: ‘Defining and Overcoming COVID (or Crises) Response Stress Disorder (CRSD)’

I love this article by Dave Ulrich. It’s heart-warming good sense. Self-care is so important right now. As he says, we’re all so good in professional life at pretending that everything is fine. The self-checking questions are thought-provoking; I certainly identified with several and will think more deeply about them.

I, for one, have been changed by this global crisis. Have you?

It’s made me have a fundamental rethink about what matters. We’ve also moved to a virtual business model which means that we can embrace the world. That’s exciting, and actually a bit scary too.

We are all moving into new territory, in substantial ways, or in smaller ways. Our comfort zone was shattered.

I think we’ll all agree that the solution is in fact many solutions – ‘personalisation’ is going to work far better than a broad brush. Reactions have been so different. Put this alongside the current work HR are doing to redefine, and consult on, the future of work, and we’re headed for a much more tailored kind of support, and engagement, going forward.

You can tell this article really made me think. I’m sure it will do the same for you. Do let me know, and Dave too of course.

Thank you Dave, for sharing heart as well as head.

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