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Team workshop for all your Business Partners

Bring your HR, Finance and IT teams together in an interactive workshop to get them to re-think, challenge and share together how they can work more effectively with their stakeholders and with each other.

This 3-hour in-house virtual program is tailored to your team and is designed to bring business partners from different central functions together to make business partnering work even better – or to build their appetite for some new development.

  • Reinforce the value of business partnering
  • Challenge their thinking
  • Develop practical skills


It’s highly interactive and we will tailor it to reflect your organisation’s context, priorities and maturity in business partnering.

Participants will share, challenge and explore:

  • What business partnering means for them and why it’s important – the context and business case
  • Latest thinking and research on BPing in different functions – relating that to their own experiences
  • The 7 Enablers of business partnering
  • Adding value at a higher level – clarifying what that looks like
  • Participants’ perspectives on their challenges and priorities and what the business needs from them
  • Some practical tools
  • The bigger picture of making business partnering work.


Subsequent workshops could include some of the following – how to:

  • Make a greater contribution to business decisions and at a more senior level
  • Become more business savvy and credible in the business
  • Define and pitch more effectively for their function’s priorities that are critical success factors for business
  • Become trusted partners and advisors to business leaders
  • Make tangible and visible contributions to business success.

This workshop is facilitated by Deborah Wilkes, co-founder of Enable-HR International, and our team of expert HR facilitators and coaches. Find out more about our team. 

Participants will leave the program with a deeper understanding of what business partnering means and how to move to the next level

  • Improved openness to change and to shifting how they operate
  • Practical ideas to help them to try new approaches with stakeholders
  • Improved teamwork between central functions
  • A clear foundation for further development, if you choose.
  • Insights from the latest research, thinking and trends in the world of HR.
  • Workbook to use during the workshop with tools for you to use back at work.
  • Digital badge and certificate for you add to your social media profiles and online CV.
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3-hour in-house virtual workshop

Please contact us for a discussion about how this programme could help your organisation.

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