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Recording: Build your strength as a HR Business Partner

We already know that partnering is about building trusting relationships – and that sometimes you want them to deliver more. In HR it’s also important to push forward and push back, to have robust conversations that can lead to solving the tough problems or co-creating more value. This demands:

  • Inner strength, confidence, and courage, built on self-awareness, combined with
  • High levels of skill and sensitivity in managing critical conversations so that you achieve the desired outcomes.


Following their previous highly successful webinar, Marion Hewitt and Deborah Wilkes teamed up again to combine these two threads into a unique formula of self-knowledge and behavioural skill that will set you up for success in your most challenging stakeholder relationships.

HR’s responsibility to manage the human element can create dilemmas that can make HR emotionally challenging as well as intellectually complex. HRBPs have to respond and adapt every day to challenging situations, and their credibility rests on demonstrating not only empathy but also business understanding. This webinar provides practical approaches to build your strength and confidence on the inside that will come across on the outside:

Reach in: Increase your awareness of your personal strengths and optimise their level of use for inner confidence.

Reach out: Draw on your inner resources to increase your impact and get your true value across to your stakeholders so that you tackle challenges and opportunities together.

This webinar is for HR Business Partners who want inspiration as well as practical approaches to help them to manage challenging situations and stakeholders.

We recognise that the HRBP role can be demanding on a personal and human level and they experience situations that require empathy, and also objectivity and firmness. This requires a unique mix of self-awareness and behavioural strength which is what we will explore in this webinar.

  • Where your strength comes from and how to access it.
  • CIPD ‘Professional Courage’ – what does it mean?
  • Managing the conversation

The facilitators for this webinar were Marion Hewitt, Protea Solutions and Deborah Wilkes, Enable-HR

Recording from 12th October 2023 webinar

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