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How to lead an Agile HR team modular programme

Building responsiveness and proactivity in HR in order to ensure that HR will play its full part in business success, now and into the future, in an increasingly volatile and complex world.

This tailored blended learning programme has been designed to address another critical challenge for HR: how to ensure HR is able to support the business quickly, responsively and with people at the centre of all progress. We tackle 3 core elements to build an Agile mindset, toolkit and environment:

  • To understand the purpose and potential of Agile and the benefits to HR and the wider organisation
  • To anticipate, manage and optimise the wider implications – the culture and leadership of the HR team
  • To understand and be able to use the structure and tools of Agile and successfully lead Agile projects.


Please contact us for a discussion about how this programme could help your organisation.

Duration: 12 Weeks
10 hours virtual workshops
15 hours of supported assignments and group coaching

Other upcoming webinars and workshops

Strategic influencing skills for Business+HR leaders

Date: Wednesday 28th June 2023
In this 3-hour virtual workshop we will tackle this in three ways:
  • Envision how you want to be seen as a leader;
  • Strengthen your business acumen and how you get this across;
  • Develop powerful skills and behaviours so that you can be influential and business-credible in key situations.

Targeted coaching special offer

We’ve researched what drives great HR and worked out how to evaluate it, and are offering a targeted one-to-one coaching package. Come away with practical ideas, tools, and inspiration that you can apply immediately, as well as real clarity about what you’d like to develop further. All for a special offer price of £99.

Build your strength and impact as an HR professional for 2023

Date: June 2023
This 3-hour virtual workshop will give you practical skills and tools to strengthen your capabilities and confidence, enabling to ‘reach in’ to build inner strength, and ‘reach out’ to develop strong stakeholder support.

How to make Agile HR work for you

Date: TBC
Agile HR ensures that HR is able to support the business quickly, responsively and with people at the centre of all progress. This 3-hour virtual workshop sets out the potential of Agile HR, the reality of making it work, and a clear path forward.

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