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How to lead an Agile HR team modular program

Building responsiveness and proactivity in HR in order to ensure that HR will play its full part in business success, now and into the future, in an increasingly volatile and complex world.

This tailored blended learning programme has been designed to address another critical challenge for HR: how to ensure HR is able to support the business quickly, responsively and with people at the centre of all progress. We tackle 3 core elements to build an Agile mindset, toolkit and environment:

  • To understand the purpose and potential of Agile and the benefits to HR and the wider organisation
  • To anticipate, manage and optimise the wider implications – the culture and leadership of the HR team
  • To understand and be able to use the structure and tools of Agile and successfully lead Agile projects.

HR leaders who are committed to delivering more value to their organisation and who want to:

  • Build a more proactive, responsive and action-oriented culture in their HR team
  • Work out how Agile HR can help them to drive greater ROI and demonstrate more targeted business impact
  • Learn new Agile approaches, tools and techniques to future-proof HR
  • Build a framework within which accountability, teamwork and transparency are key pillars within which HR’s credibility can be raised
  • Build more trusting partnerships with key stakeholders
  • Learn and collaborate with peers from different organisations, sectors and countries.
  • The big picture context for agile HR
  • Understanding business priorities
  • The agile HR framework and tools
  • The implications for culture and leadership
  • Building alignment for your projects
  • Building a successful project
  • Managing risk, conflict and obstacles
  • Measuring, proving and celebrating success

This workshop is facilitated by Deborah Wilkes, co-founder of Enable-HR International. Find out more about Deborah. 

  • HR adds more value to the business because of improved strategic alignment in how HR resources are used
  • HR delivers more time-effective and cost-effective solutions
  • HR are seen to bring to senior leaders projects which respond to business priorities rather than HR themes
  • Greater personal credibility, influence and impact through clear and robust discussions about what HR need to deliver
  • The opportunity to deliver an Agile project – we will work with a real project during the programme
  • A clear understanding of Agile mindset, tools, frameworks and benefits, and how to lead Agile within your own team.
  • Insights from the latest research, thinking and trends in the world of HR.
  • Workbook to use during the workshop with tools for you to use back at work.
  • Digital badge and certificate for you add to your social media profiles and online CV.
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10 hours virtual workshops and 15 hours of supported assignments and group coaching

Please contact us for a discussion about how this programme could help your organisation.

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Recording: Build your strength as a HR Business Partner

Date: Recording from 12th October 2024 webinar
In HR it’s important to have robust conversations that can lead to solving the tough problems or co-creating more value. During this webinar we looked at how we can help Business Partners in HR to:
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Recording: What is strategic business partnering – and how do we ensure it delivers value?

Date: Recording from 18th July 2023 Webinar
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Strategic influencing skills for HR leaders

In this 3-hour virtual workshop we will tackle this in three ways:
  • Envision how you want to be seen as a leader;
  • Strengthen your business acumen and how you get this across;
  • Develop powerful skills and behaviours so that you can be influential and business-credible in key situations.
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Targeted coaching special offer

We’ve researched what drives great HR and worked out how to evaluate it, and are offering a targeted one-to-one coaching package. Come away with practical ideas, tools, and inspiration that you can apply immediately, as well as real clarity about what you’d like to develop further. All for a special offer price of £99.