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Recording: How to influence senior leaders

Explore the critical skills, behaviours and mindset to win the attention and active support of senior leaders.

Firstly, HR has to listen to senior leaders, systematically.

In this 1-hour webinar we will help you to build aligned HR priorities as a function, and as an individual. We’ll provide a structure for you to follow, and also explore the mindsets, skills and behaviours that build success.

HR leaders, managers and HRBPs who need to manage senior stakeholders who may have different agendas.

Some business stakeholders can be focused on their own goals and need help to understand how HR’s work will help them to achieve these.

We will follow two strands –

  1. How can you build the business case for your people priorities? We will use the Business+HR Strategic Roadmap to provide a structure for you to use, and some practical examples.
  2. How can you change the conversations you have with key stakeholders so that you can build greater credibility and influence as a strategic partner?

Both need to start with HR’s mindset, and the beliefs HR has about its role and its value.  HR has been under-resourced and under-valued for so long, it isn’t surprising that we need to start with an upgrade in confidence and courage.

Therefore, we’ll start with the research that sets out the business case for HR as a function to operate strategically, and help you to tap into that for your organisation.

However, winning the attention of your business leaders will be achieved when you can talk confidently about your own business priorities and how your HR activities respond to those.  We will share a structured approach to help you to achieve that.

Then we will explore how to change the conversations that drive how HR is perceived and valued.

This program is facilitated by Deborah Wilkes, co-founder of Enable-HR International, and our team of expert HR facilitators and coaches. Find out more about our team. 

  • Fresh challenge and support to help you to tackle your most critical stakeholders – build a courageous mindset.
  • Practical ideas and examples that you can implement immediately in your influencing challenges with senior leaders.
  • Improved skill and confidence with senior leaders.
  • A step-by-step process to ensure that HR wins the credibility it deserves and achieves alignment with business priorities.
  • Stimulating, interactive webinar with fresh content to challenge and support your thinking.
  • Our complimentary guide – How to build your own Business+HR Strategy Roadmap.
  • Ideas that you can implement immediately
  • Q&A following the webinar for anyone who wants to stay on, and the opportunity to email questions afterwards.
Recording from 11th April 2024 webinar

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