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How to increase your impact in HR Business Partnering

Following the dramatic changes in the world of work, how can HR upgrade how it partners with the business?

Now is a great time to take a fresh look at how you can make a greater impact on business and people priorities, and build rewarding partnerships with your key stakeholders and business leaders.

This 2-hour virtual workshop will use the framework of our HR Enablers and our unique HR tools to help you to:

  • Evaluate your own strengths and development areas using our interactive HR Profiling System and online resources
  • Explore what makes HR partnering so challenging, in order to clarify how you want to change
  • Open up ideas and opportunities for you to raise your stakeholder relationships to a new level
  • Get more aligned with business priorities so that you can deliver more value
  • Relate HR’s work to business goals so that you can win buy-in.


This workshop gives a taster of our in-house modular programme for HRBPs – find out more.

This program is designed for business partners at every level of HR who want to:

  • Build your strength and confidence, and belief in your own value to the business
  • Become more business savvy and credible in the business
  • Advocate more effectively for the HR priorities that are critical success factors for business
  • Build your reputation, credibility and influence as partners in business success
  • Make more measurable and visible contributions to business priorities.


Completion of your Self-evaluation and Development Plan* on our interactive online HR Profiling System.  You will receive your unique link for you to complete in advance of the workshop as we will use it during the session.

 *360 feedback facility is available for an additional £50.

Workshop Outline

  • Context for HR in today’s world of work – challenge your thinking about your impact.
  • The Seven Enablers – your learning from your Profile.
  • Tools and concepts within the development framework of the Seven Enablers
  • Learning review and post-workshop action planning – using your Workbook and Personal Development Plan


Enabler Overview of Enabler Tools and concepts in this workshop

Constant dialogue with the business and stakeholders, and acting accordingly
  • How to look through a business lens to clarify your stakeholders’ priorities
  • How to map HR activities against these and build business relevance

Building the kind of trust and respect that earns HR a seat at the table
  • How to scope out your stakeholder landscape and focus on key relationships
  • Explore the 4 Modes of Business Partnering – the path towards collaboration and co-creation

Managing complexity and conflicting agendas, with integrity and shared values
  • How to anticipate conflicting stakeholder needs
  • Explore your beliefs about your role and how these underpin how you partner

Getting the right results for the business, on budget
  • How to Identify the right problem and build a business case – relate people causes to business outcomes

Pace and resilience, and courage to stand up and speak out
  • How to advocate for people priorities, and build strength and confidence with positive beliefs about HR partnering

Delivering what you promise; reliable, accurate, up to date
  • How to identify measures that matter to your stakeholders
  • How to identify positive partnering practices and turn these into habits

Winning respect as effective driver of business success
  • What do you want to be known for?
  • How to be fully conscious of how you are seen and what you actually deliver



Turn your learning into action using your interactive Workbook, Personal Development Plan and online resources.

You may choose at this stage to proceed with your 360 evaluation. If this is the case we will initiate a link on your Profile Homepage which opens up the process of selecting your Raters. You manage your 360 evaluation yourself, but everything you need, including sending invitations and reminders, is automated.  You can download your 360 Report when you are happy that you have all the feedback you need.

This workshop is facilitated by Deborah Wilkes, CEO of Enable-HR International Limited

This is a taster session designed to stimulate fresh thinking and new ideas. As a result, HR people in a Business Partnering role will be able to:

  • Challenge and stretch their thinking about how they can add increased value in their role
  • Map out their development needs should they wish to progress in their role
  • Implement new practices that will improve their credibility, confidence and impact.
  • Personal HR Profile and Development Plan using our interactive online system. This is structured around our 7 HR Enablers which are endorsed by Dave Ulrich
  • Workbook to use during the workshop with tools for you to use back at work
  • Digital badge and certificate for you add to your social media profiles and online CV
  • Participative sessions and practical discussions to explore their relevance
  • Ideas that you can implement immediately
  • Q&A with facilitators to expand participants’ thinking, with the opportunity to email questions afterwards.
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Tuesday 30th April 2024
12.30 – 14.30 UK
2-hour virtual workshop


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