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How to be a business ally

Look at HR through the business lens and ensure that HR is seen to add business value

Being allies means being on the same side – and winning the battle together.  Today’s dynamic HR functions need to ensure that they’re lined up behind the business strategy and play a full role in making it happen.

To create value, HR need to understand how their organisation works.  This 3-hour virtual workshop is designed to enable HR leaders to get under the skin of their business and address the problems that worry business leaders.

We will help you to build your business acumen, and to get that across effectively in meetings with your stakeholders.  As a result, you will be seen as business-savvy, credible partners in business success – and also deliver your people priorities.

This program is designed for HR leaders who want to partner at a senior or strategic level with stakeholders and want to:

  • Become more business savvy and credible in the business
  • Better understand business challenges and how to get HR priorities onto the business table
  • Make a business case for people priorities
  • Make tangible and visible contributions to business success
  • Get involved earlier in business decisions and in strategic planning of business and HR.
  • How to build clear purpose – from business needs not HR’s
  • How to get across the links between HR’s work and business outcomes – the HR Success Model
  • How to speak in the language of the stakeholders and not in HR jargon
  • How to use your deeper understanding of the business to solve business problems
  • How to build alignment between business and HR priorities.

How this Program relates to the 7 HR Enablers:

Enabler Overview of Enabler Tools and concepts in this workshop

Constant dialogue with the business and stakeholders, and acting accordingly
  • How to look through a business lens to clarify your stakeholders’ priorities
  • Business acumen research guide

Building the kind of trust and respect that earns HR a seat at the table
  • What and who matters at your organisation?
  • Building trust through respecting the needs of the business.

Managing complexity and conflicting agendas, with integrity and shared values
  • Scoping out the bigger picture – the HR Success Model

Getting the right results for the business, on budget
  • How to get your HR planning aligned with business planning

Pace and resilience, and courage to stand up and speak out
  • Getting heard because you speak in the right language

Delivering what you promise; reliable, accurate, up to date
  • Managing expectations

Winning respect as effective driver of business success
  • Closing the feedback loop


This workshop is facilitated by Deborah Wilkes, CEO of Enable-HR International Limited supported by our team of expert HR facilitators and coaches.

  • Understanding how to build a clear purpose – from business needs not HR’s
  • Improved understanding of the business through research guide – clear about what drives success
  • Greater clarity in order to build more relevant solutions for the business
  • Improved alignment between people and business priorities
  • Greater confidence and courage to ‘turn up’ as a business leader who happens to be in HR.
  • Workbook to use during the workshop with tools for you to use back at work
  • Business acumen research guide
  • Complimentary copy of the Business+HR Strategy Roadmap self-drive guide
  • Digital badge and certificate for you add to your social media profiles and online CV
  • Participative sessions and practical discussions to build relevance for you and your role
  • Ideas that you can implement immediately
  • Q&A with facilitators to expand participants’ thinking, with the opportunity to email questions afterwards.
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Tuesday 28th May 2024
12:30 – 15:30 UK
3-hour virtual workshop
3 hours


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