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Align and inspire your HR Team

An interactive virtual HR team event to build alignment with business priorities.  

This stimulating event brings your HR team together to get them excited about the opportunities they can create to add more value to their stakeholders. We have a uniquely relevant set of concepts and tools for HR professionals, and we use these to illuminate a fresh way forward that the team can take together. Working with the HR leader to clarify goals and desired outcomes, we create a highly interactive event that leaves the team feeling inspired to achieve them. Whether you want to lift your team who are feeling weighed down, or want to take them to the next level of success, we will pitch it at the right level to build their confidence and courage. 

This can also provide a pathway to more targeted skill development, e.g. in business partnering. 

This is for HR leaders and their teams of any shape or size, i.e. whole team, team of HRBPs, regional team or mixed team, where you want to:

  • Inspire them to see exciting opportunities in their current context – new developments in HR together with your organisation’s priorities
  • Help them understand your organisation better, and how they can further build relationships with stakeholders
  • Excite your team with the opportunities that exist for them to move up a level.
  • Recognise their achievements to date and build on those.
  • Create a shift in mindset and a positive attitude to change.
  • Engage them with the prospect of further development.


We partner with HR leaders to lead their teams along a journey towards higher productivity and effectiveness.

Depending on your needs, topics can include:

  • Your organisational goals and priorities, and how HR’s work responds to these – HR’s ‘why’
  • The challenges facing business leaders – standing in their shoes
  • How to have more courageous conversations with stakeholders; HR Advocacy and Inquiry
  • The full potential of business partnering and what it can deliver for the HR team as well as for the stakeholder
  • Recognising the participants’ contribution and understanding the obstacles they face
  • How to move up a level in partnering; identifying opportunities to take and new practices to use
  • The beliefs and mindsets that underpin making the shift to the next level
  • Building a compelling vision and strategic narrative for their journey
  • The leader’s commitment to support and enable the team.

This workshop is facilitated by Deborah Wilkes, co-founder of Enable-HR International. Find out more about Deborah. 

We will work with the HR leader to clarify your desired outcomes, which could include:   

  • Greater clarity about organisational context and the opportunities for HR to make a greater contribution 
  • Improved openness to change 
  • Deeper understanding of business partnering (which applies to every HR role) and how to build stronger stakeholder relationships 
  • Getting the team onto the same page 
  • Clarifying key challenges that you want them to tackle 
  • A clearer vision of success and how to get there 
  • Improved team spirit, engagement and morale 
  • A strong foundation for further learning and development. 


This program can create a strong foundation for HR transformation; please contact us to discuss how this is achieved. 

Whether virtual or face-to-face, this program includes: 

  • Preparatory coaching for the leader of the team and help to clarify the current situation of the team and the desired outcomes, style and content of the event 
  • Communication, agenda and pre-work reflection for participants 
  • Highly interactive workshops using dynamic online tools where work can be shared and continued after the event 
  • Post-session assignments, e.g. guided conversations and co-coaching 
  • Workbook with practical tools and tips including our unique concepts for HR 
  • Latest research, thinking and trends in HR 
  • Digital badge and certificate for participants to add to their social media profiles and online CV 


Clients have often asked us to do additional work around this, e.g. research interviews with business leaders, develop new HRBP role profiles, build their HR Value Formula and clarify further development needs.  This would be costed separately. 

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One 3-hour virtual workshop with assignments. A full day and face-to-face options are available

Please contact us for a discussion about how this programme could help your organisation.

Other upcoming webinars and workshops

How to increase your HRBPs’ impact in HR Business Partnering

Would you like a complimentary workshop to challenge your HRBPs’ thinking, and give them a boost? This complimentary 2-hour virtual workshop is a highly interactive session, and provides practical tools to:
  • get the ‘business’ into partnering, and build alignment with the organisation’s priorities;
  • build more trusting and productive relationships with key stakeholders that open up opportunities for HR to add more value.
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How to be a business ally

To be recognised as strong allies in delivering business success, HR leaders have to get close to business leaders.  In this 3-hour virtual workshop we’ll explore how to:
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  • speak the language of the business
  • tackle the issues that worry business leaders.
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Recording: How to influence senior leaders

Date: Recording from 11th April 2024 webinar
Win support for HR’s priorities by understanding the needs of senior stakeholders and creating alignment.  Take a structured approach, and build skills, strength and confidence.

Recording: Build your strength as a HR Business Partner

Date: Recording from 12th October 2023 webinar
In HR it’s important to have robust conversations that can lead to solving the tough problems or co-creating more value. During this webinar we looked at how we can help Business Partners in HR to:
  • ‘Reach in’ to build your inner strength and resilience;
  • ‘Reach out’ with confidence to build stronger and more productive relationships with key stakeholders.