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‘Control is an illusion’ Is this a learning from the pandemic?

There is a deep shift emerging in work. Control was over-rated, we’ve discovered. Trust is what matters.

Several forces have come together in a perfect storm, strengthened by the pandemic. They’ve given the people agenda more muscle.

Many people already wanted flexible working, and the technology works. Generational changes have also contributed – young people expect to be treated as adults. A stronger focus on both wellbeing and inclusivity are also promoting more respect.

The traditional centralised and hierarchical structures of organisations just aren’t fit for purpose any more. We’ve outgrown them. We want to be trusted.

Many HR people are right now navigating the journey to some kind of normal, or building back better – developing ways of working for 2021 and beyond.

People have (on the whole) proved that they can be trusted. While some are eager to get back to their workplace, many won’t tolerate the enforced hours and rush hour commute.

But how do you build trust into a scaffolding that feels as safe as a control structure?

I’m hearing great stories about the opportunities being created by HR people. These could be exciting times for HR. How is it for you?

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