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CEOs feared slowdown even before Covid-19

This research by PwC revealed fears of a 2020 slowdown even before Covid-19. It paints a rather gloomy picture of CEOs’ confidence in their businesses to respond creatively. What would they say now?

If ever we were forced – shocked, even – into some reinvention, now is the time. Could a new energy for really dramatic change be released into the world? Will we recognise reinvention as positive when we see it? The urge to rebuild our comfort zone will be strong.

This global crisis is giving everything and everyone a real shake-up. This data suggests that we already needed a sense of urgency as well as creativity.

We will need strong leaders and talented people to help us all to recover, just like our heroes in the NHS. For role models of how to rise to an unprecedented challenge, we need look no further. They say that necessity is the mother of invention, so we could be looking forward to an incredibly creative period. Let’s hope so, we need to have faith in the future right now.

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