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CEO’s commitment to employees’ wellbeing during this crisis

We’ve seen some worthy posts from CEO’s about their commitment to employees’ wellbeing during this crisis. I have 2 questions:

1) Is their commitment real and genuine rather than political – ie. are they walking the talk with other decisions too?
2) How can HR leverage this – use this commitment to build this critical relationship and get their CEO’s attention onto other people priorities, and culture?

This is a testing time for organisations’ values. Redundancies are already underway despite furlough, and clearly some extremely tough decisions are having to be made.

Organisations are being watched, and judged for how they respond. Their decisions will evidence their true values as well as priorities. As always with employment, it isn’t ‘just’ the decision itself, it’s how it’s carried out. This legacy will enhance, or taint, their culture for a long time.

We’re working with HRDs and HRBPs to help them make the most of this platform for their leadership and influence.

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