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How HR can leverage its reputation to co-create the new world of work

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HR at the frontline of business leadership during the pandemic What a rollercoaster the last few years has been for everyone. Human Resources has been at the front line. What has that done for HR’s reputation? Operational heroes, certainly. But has the pandemic helped HR to rise up and grasp more firmly its vital role […]

Adopt a people-oriented focus to increase employee contribution

Here’s some powerful research by McKinsey & Company to use with your business leaders to make the case for investing in the conditions that help people to make a stronger contribution. I’ve picked out a few quotes – you’ll agree it’s worth it. The ‘P+P Winners’ here are those who make smart investments in BOTH Performance and […]

Managing hybrid teams

I recommend this really practical article from Norm Smallwood and The RBL Group that recognises that ‘Managing hybrid teams is fundamentally different than managing traditional teams.’ This does seem to be a tough time for some: ‘Many frontline leaders are struggling to effectively support their team members and optimize their teams’ efforts.’ Trying to balance the productivity conundrum while […]

Middle managers: your most precious resource

Middle managers often feel like the meat in the sandwich – pressure from above and from below. Yet their impact on managing and developing talent is critical. In a report from McKinsey & Company recommend that they spend: ‘More time on talent.’  Agreed. ‘Organizations can help managers who are stuck spending time on planning and […]

Is the conversation getting easier about balancing people with profit?

This article from McKinsey & Company is their most-read in the last quarter. This must mean that it’s caught the eye of CEO’s as well as HR leaders. It’s got some compelling data: ‘A dual focus on developing people and managing them well gives a select group of companies a long-term performance edge.’ Maybe your CEO […]

Do senior leaders follow the same process as others?

‘Curiously, a few responses mentioned that senior leaders or executives did not follow the same process as others.’ says Marc Effron‘s 2023 global report on Performance Management. Not so curious if you’re in HR. It’s a familiar story. Getting the process signed off is one thing. Getting all senior leaders to follow the process themselves is quite […]

Positive practices create positive results

‘Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right‘, said Henry Ford. We all know that when we go into something full of confidence we’re much more likely to succeed. A major presentation, say, or a key meeting. We also know that it’s important to prepare – so we do. When we want […]

The world of work is still flexing into new shapes – and new opportunities

It’s been a pretty messy few years. So much uncertainty and so little solid ground to stand on. A truly testing time, for everyone. What have you learned about yourself? For my part, I’ve learned that my home is even more important than ever. I used to spend so much time travelling to do work […]

How to create and maintain a high-performance culture

Creating and maintaining a high-performance culture within an organisation is a complex but achievable goal. It involves a combination of leadership, employee engagement, clear objectives, and ongoing improvement efforts. Here are some steps to help you: 1. Set clear goals and expectations It is important to set clear goals and expectations for employees so that they […]