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How can HR help a new CEO?

‘Don’t make it about you’ is some of the guidance to a new CEO in a recent article from McKinsey & Company. The careful rephrasing of questions below seeks to rebalance the strong ego that any CEO is likely to have. Imagine how helpful you could be to a new CEO as they seek to […]

Do senior leaders follow the same process as others?

‘Curiously, a few responses mentioned that senior leaders or executives did not follow the same process as others.’ says Marc Effron‘s 2023 global report on Performance Management. Not so curious if you’re in HR. It’s a familiar story. Getting the process signed off is one thing. Getting all senior leaders to follow the process themselves is quite […]

Frustrating organisational habits must be tackled at all levels

I found myself thinking today about my time in HR with an IT company – and how leaders can undermine company profitability as well as engagement without realising it. I was remembering Dan, a very capable sales rep who was strong at building long-term relationships with key customers. He was working on an upsell with […]

Put yourself in the shoes of the new CEO

‘Starting strong: Making your CEO transition a catalyst for renewal‘ could as easily be a rallying call for HR leaders as for the new CEO when a new boss comes into town. Putting yourself in your CEO’s shoes is the best way to build clarity about what you need to deliver in HR. If you’re […]

How to be a business-savvy AND caring HR professional

There is a fine line for people to tread in everyday life, and especially in HR. How much do we give out, and how much do we protect our own wellbeing? Often, we’re not even conscious of how much we’re expending in the interests of others. It can be a habit, a default position, that […]

How women on boards navigate the ‘warmth-competence’ line

What an interesting piece of research from Harvard Business Review. I think this relates particularly to the challenges senior HR leaders face – the ‘Warmth-Competence’ line. How to be human, in the function that represents the human inputs to the organisation, while displaying business competence, is a central dilemma. Here’s a great excerpt that explores the […]

Treading the ‘warmth-competence’ line

Warmth can be interpreted as lack of competence in our corporate world. Recent research shows that ‘women had to still worry about walking the warmth-competence fine line even after ascending above the glass ceiling.’ Thank you to Tiffany Trzebiatowski, Dr. Courtney L. McCluney, and Morela Hernandez for their research on HBR ‘How Women on Boards Navigate […]

Has the time come to rethink the jobs of our managers?

‘Managers are the linchpin to organizational success. Left unaddressed, manager ineffectiveness can have a significant negative impact on not just managers, but long-term spill-over effects on business and talent outcomes.’ Gartner’s recent report ‘Managers are cracking and more training won’t help‘ provides some powerful data on the impact of poor – or overloaded – managers. […]

What conversation are you NOT having?

If we want to change the outcome, we have to change the conversation. As we emerge from a strange year, we know that nothing can, or should, remain unchanged. What will you choose to change? Choosing, consciously, is the first step. What outcome do you want, in this window of opportunity for change? What conversation […]