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How HR can leverage its reputation to co-create the new world of work

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HR at the frontline of business leadership during the pandemic What a rollercoaster the last few years has been for everyone. Human Resources has been at the front line. What has that done for HR’s reputation? Operational heroes, certainly. But has the pandemic helped HR to rise up and grasp more firmly its vital role […]

HR people still have to make a business case for common sense

HR people still have to make a business case for common sense This caught my eye. Not just the statistic, but the common sense that follows. ‘What’s their secret to retaining talent?’ asks Neel Gandhi of the companies not suffering ‘at a time when attrition is increasing on a global scale.’ The answer, he says, ‘may lie […]

HR still has to explain what HR does

HR still has to explain what HR does and how it relates to the business strategy This neat summary from the Gartner 2022 HR Operational Playbook points towards more pace and sharper focus. Both depend upon HR becoming closer to the business than ever before. When I’m listening to HR leaders, as a coach and in […]

HR faces fundamental dilemmas every day

HR faces fundamental dilemmas every day One of these is providing robust services while also pushing forward in the strategic direction This is a great matrix from Gartner as it clarifies one of the fundamental dilemmas that HR faces day-to-day – providing robust services while also pushing forward in the strategic direction. For the HRBP, both […]

Do your business leaders know what HR can offer?

Are you brave enough to ask your stakeholders what they think of HR’s activities? When we’re working with our HR clients, we often find that they don’t get the support they need from business leaders. It can be patchy, at best. It’s like the conversation gets stunted. Everyone’s so busy. Like having a talented chef […]

How to be a business-savvy AND caring HR professional

There is a fine line for people to tread in everyday life, and especially in HR. How much do we give out, and how much do we protect our own wellbeing? Often, we’re not even conscious of how much we’re expending in the interests of others. It can be a habit, a default position, that […]

The world of work is still flexing into new shapes – and new opportunities

It’s been a pretty messy few years. So much uncertainty and so little solid ground to stand on. A truly testing time, for everyone. What have you learned about yourself? For my part, I’ve learned that my home is even more important than ever. I used to spend so much time travelling to do work […]

Creating a strong narrative for HR’s (and leaders’) work

This graphic pulls together how to create a strong narrative for HR’s (and leaders’) work, from the perspectives of different stakeholders. The key themes in this report? Trust and transparency. The aim is to build HR’s story – in numbers. HR tend to come from a place of implicit understanding that treating people well and […]

What is the right level of HR investment?

How do you work out the right level of HR investment for your organisation? Benchmarking is a useful measure, although it’s difficult to find out whether you’re comparing apples with apples. This data from Gartner’s 2023 Budgeting and Benchmarking survey is a useful place to start. There’s no size fits all, however. The most important […]

How do you build teamwork within the HR function?

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I was delighted by the buzz created by our build on Dave Ulrich’s HR operating model – thank you for all your engagement, and Dave for your support. We don’t need to over-complicate how we organise HR. Let’s build on what works. There are indeed some issues that have emerged. For example, some Centres of […]