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How to create and maintain a high-performance culture

Creating and maintaining a high-performance culture within an organisation is a complex but achievable goal. It involves a combination of leadership, employee engagement, clear objectives, and ongoing improvement efforts. Here are some steps to help you: 1. Set clear goals and expectations It is important to set clear goals and expectations for employees so that they […]

How to create a culture of continuous feedback

Gaining continuous feedback from employees is crucial for the success and overall well-being of an organisation. Engaged employees are more committed and motivated to perform at their best. By seeking and acting on feedback, you demonstrate that you value their opinions and are willing to make improvements based on their input. Organisations need to make […]

Should we follow Zoom’s lead in the work from home versus office debate?

Well done to everyone in HR for negotiating this incredibly complex journey towards where people can/should work. You’ve taken business leaders through from panic, bias and ‘controlling parent’ (ref. Transactional Analysis) through to calm, considered and adult respect. I love the irony that Zoom are insisting that people within a 50-mile radius must come into […]

The shift in employee needs and wants post pandemic

This is such a valuable graph from Gartner. It clarifies the shift in employee needs and wants post-pandemic. The implications for HR are exciting as well as challenging. ‘Exciting’ because this is more data that proves that the movement required is in the human direction. HR have a strong platform for change. Attrition of valued […]

What conversation are you NOT having?

If we want to change the outcome, we have to change the conversation. As we emerge from a strange year, we know that nothing can, or should, remain unchanged. What will you choose to change? Choosing, consciously, is the first step. What outcome do you want, in this window of opportunity for change? What conversation […]