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How to make business partnering work for you

business partnering

A good HRBP can be a powerful conduit for understanding business reality and deploying HR resources effectively If you want to ensure that HR outcomes are driven by business needs, then business partnering is crucial. But what does this really mean? How do you ensure that it delivers responsiveness to the business needs that you […]

How can HR help a new CEO?

‘Don’t make it about you’ is some of the guidance to a new CEO in a recent article from McKinsey & Company. The careful rephrasing of questions below seeks to rebalance the strong ego that any CEO is likely to have. Imagine how helpful you could be to a new CEO as they seek to […]

What’s your perfect image of successful and rewarding partnering?

For HR people it’s probably less stress, more appreciation, getting onto the front foot and going home at the end of the day feeling that you’ve really added value. Oh, and not leaving you out of the social get-together because people think (wrongly) that you’ll report back. That’s the sub-text of our workshop – HR […]

Do your business leaders know what HR can offer?

Are you brave enough to ask your stakeholders what they think of HR’s activities? When we’re working with our HR clients, we often find that they don’t get the support they need from business leaders. It can be patchy, at best. It’s like the conversation gets stunted. Everyone’s so busy. Like having a talented chef […]

What does successful business partnering look like to business leaders?

What do they need from it? We have to find out – learn from them and work it out together. One HRD knew she was getting results when a business leader said to her ‘I look forward to my meetings with my HRBP because I know we’ll be talking about the future.’ Another HRBP was […]

Is the conversation getting easier about balancing people with profit?

This article from McKinsey & Company is their most-read in the last quarter. This must mean that it’s caught the eye of CEO’s as well as HR leaders. It’s got some compelling data: ‘A dual focus on developing people and managing them well gives a select group of companies a long-term performance edge.’ Maybe your CEO […]

HR’s relationship with the business is critical

Our story started a few years ago. We kept hearing HR people say ‘we want to change but we don’t know how.’ We looked into it, researched what organisations want and need from HR, and Enable-HR was born. Our research showed that the critical factor is HR’s relationship with the business. If that works, everything […]

Frustrating organisational habits must be tackled at all levels

I found myself thinking today about my time in HR with an IT company – and how leaders can undermine company profitability as well as engagement without realising it. I was remembering Dan, a very capable sales rep who was strong at building long-term relationships with key customers. He was working on an upsell with […]

Put yourself in the shoes of the new CEO

‘Starting strong: Making your CEO transition a catalyst for renewal‘ could as easily be a rallying call for HR leaders as for the new CEO when a new boss comes into town. Putting yourself in your CEO’s shoes is the best way to build clarity about what you need to deliver in HR. If you’re […]

HR should involve business leaders in strategic planning process

This strategy template from Gartner provides a powerful one-pager. Like most things, less is more. The acid test, however, of any strategy is to what extent it is achieved – what it actually contributes to organisational success. That means that delivering against your HR strategy is the evidence for how well you’re partnering, strategically. ‘HR […]