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What is Agile HR?

Think of the most frustrating part of your job, and/or the thing that your stakeholders complain about most – and imagine how great it would feel to fix it. What would be at the top of your list of hassle factors that you’d like to sort out? Here are some of the things that I’ve […]

Dave Ulrich: ‘How HR Must Rise to Today’s Opportunity’

‘Where more is expected, more must be delivered.’ With this quote, Dave Ulrich is putting a positive spin on some of their recent survey data – that ‘HR professionals somewhat lower in the recent (2021) 8th round of our research compared to the seven previous rounds.’ That’s tough to read. After all HR’s incredible work […]

What have we learned about trust?

Do we need to redefine what trust means in organisations? As individual people we know exactly what we mean by trust. We know when it’s in place, and we know when it’s broken. Perceptions of trust and respect are being tested every day as business leaders try to satisfy their hunger for some kind of […]

What HR people can – and want to – work on

There’s a short window of opportunity for HR to build on recent achievements. How can HR grasp that and use it to add more value and win more influence and recognition? Where do you start? Our recent survey on HR’s reputation revealed what HR people can – and want to – work on. You can […]

How can HR leverage its unique reach?

HR touches every employee, every manager, every leader. As we navigate our way to a new future of work, this reach has never been more critical. It’s even more powerful when we make it a two-way street. How do we make it flow both ways? Our power is in our questions – and in the […]