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Building strategic alignment between HR and the business

Our complimentary strategic alignment guide for HR leaders

Building your strategic alignment involves a process of dialogue with your key stakeholders. We start with your context and business priorities and research key stakeholders’ perceptions of HR’s priorities and effectiveness. With these insights, we work with HR leaders to facilitate discussions about how HR can create more value.

We have developed a free Strategic Roadmap ‘self-drive’ guide that uses the same key principles and steps as our consultancy process.  You may decide to run the facilitation yourself, and just use our online survey which is highly cost-effective.

The Business+HR Strategic Roadmap

Our Business+HR Strategic Roadmap uses an online survey to find out: a) how leaders regard the relative importance of HR’s activities to business success, and b) how effective HR are regarded to be in those areas. We ask business leaders as well as HR leaders, so that we can generate robust and collaborative discussions about how HR can become business-led.

We work in partnership with you to get your HR function aligned with your business goals. Our development solutions then build their capabilities and confidence to be true partners in business success. We work with you to inspire them to grow in influence and credibility, and direct their efforts towards what truly adds value.

Our style is always supportive as well as challenging. We understand the pressures that HR experience – we’ve been there. We partner with you throughout and provide expert coaching as well as facilitation.

Please contact us to find out more about how to build your Business+HR Strategic Alignment Roadmap and to see an anonymised report with real data to see how powerful it is.

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