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Building your HR narrative

Working in HR is a rollercoaster. Brexit was tough, and now Covid19 puts that into the shade. And yet – it’s another chance to show just how important HR’s contribution is. You might be too busy to think about that just now – how to make sure HR gets the credit it deserves – but do bear it in mind.

When we researched what businesses want from HR, we learned just how important it is that HR build credibility and influence – at the top table, and conversation by conversation. Reputation is at the core of HR’s ability to add real value, and yet HR tend to be modest and don’t shout about their achievements. You don’t have to turn into a braggard, but you can make sure that business leaders know just how complex a situation like this is, and how effectively you’re navigating it.

It isn’t easy to turn ‘reputation building’ into a conscious process when you’re in the middle of what must feel like a minefield. But I bet you’re creating a great story. Here’s a suggestion – track what you’re doing and share, at the appropriate time, the narrative of what you’ve achieved, and what you’ve learned.

Let me know if I can help in any way – just give me a call.

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