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Building new ways of working is like navigating uncharted waters

There’s no map and no travel book for where we are right now. We’re in new waters. Exciting opportunities exist to build deeper trust and engagement as well as performance and profit. Old maps could hold us back.

However, right now, it’s pretty mind-blowing for HR. There are still so many issues to work out in the short term regarding Covid: RTW, WFH, vaccination dilemmas and more. But – let’s remember that the drive to find new ways of working has been gathering for years – and then Covid accelerated it.

We shouldn’t limit our thinking to ‘post-Covid’. After such a tumultuous period, you’d be forgiven for wanting things to just settle down – different, but settled. To make sure we don’t limit the potential, let’s explode the questions:

‘What is it that we need to work out?’

This phrasing is inclusive – it shares the challenge as well as the accountability.

How about …. How to create the conditions for our people to deliver their best performance?

Not bad. But let’s back up a bit.

‘What we need to work out is – how HR and business leaders can do this together’.

Now, that’s a great place to start. That’s our focus at Enable-HR.

My book ‘Empowering HR’ with Panoma Press Ltd is available on Amazon.

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